Adam, the Altaic Ring and the Children of the Sun

Adam, the Altaic Ring and the Children of the Sun
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by James R. Granger Jr.

A major league biblical analysis of more than 10,000 years of historical, astronomical events verified with scientific theory/research from the works of Immanuel far the best break down of biblical historical events from mainly Genesis and Exodus with a sprinkling from other passages, that I've read. These passages selected, are separated and sliced into detail and brought to life from the classic biblical analogs... then the mega history is brought forward and presented for presentation. You will see the parallel events today. There are three major players brought to the scenes from the authors interpretations focusing on 4000B.C....The Adams Group family, The Altaic Ringers, and The Sun Children. This first group reportedly got caught up in the cold cataclysm of the Altaic ring (near Moscow) and suffered to a point where it weighed heavily on the type of individual that his current descendents are. There is very little difference in the classic Adam and the psuedo modern Adam although there are exceptions... When the Adams group recovered he along with the other browned Altaic ringers (too long away from home to remember their home training) to the southeast left for survival purposes and met up with the Arameans, eventually meeting with the Sun Children in the fertile valley's of the south known as the Fertile Crescent Valley and the Nile Delta (the garden of Eden), where the triple A group showed their true colors. see page 121....They were not liked and were thrown out of these valleys frequently or whenever, the last group, the Sun Children, whose civilization was being wrecked, decided it was time for a good whippin as the current kemetic history has shown several times, the last being under the family leadership of Shabaka, Pianky, Tirhaqa.... The point of this mental exercise show that 'the cultural norms of behavior can be traced to early physical environmental conditions of various cultural groups'....the whole point being that your past can provide guidance for your future, in this case, the message is for the militarily defeated Sun Children.

Paperback: 200 pages