Africa and the Discovery of America

Africa and the Discovery of America
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by Leo Wiener, John Henrik Clarke (Introduction)

Professor’s Wiener’s work was a pioneering effort that opened the reader’s eyes to new information not previously considered. This field of study would later popularized by Professor Ivan Van Sertima in his book, They came before Columbus: The African in Ancient America. The scholars of African descent who did able to work in the field before Professor Van Sertima—Legrand Clegg, Ronald Davis, Carter G. Woodson and J.A. Rogers—they are outstanding..

It further reveals that in all this adventuring and wandering, the African never launched a destructive war on the people that they met; it created an amalgam of two people that created a separate culture with its own distinctiveness…

If Christopher Columbus did not discover America, exactly what did he do of great significance? He opened up the western hemisphere, North and South America and the Caribbean islands for European exploitation and eventual domination…

This book is about an event in history that changed the world for all times. It is a sad story that did not have to be. What Africans and the indigenous Americans have given to the world is a part of total humanity that must be respectfully considered in order to build a world where all people can walk in peace and dignity with their respective contributions accepted.

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