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by George B. N. Ayittey

Africans are angry. Thirty years of independence have brought nothing but economic misery, famine, senseless civil wars, wanton destruction, flagrant violations of human rights and brutal repression. At independence from colonial rule, Africans had hoped for liberty, prosperity and a new beginning. They have been cruelly disappointed. Africa Betrayed is a powerful attack on the dictators who have ruined an entire continent. Almost all the nationalists who took power after independence have proven even worse than the colonialists they replaced. Declaring their countries one-party states and themselves "presidents-for-life," they have banned the opposition and gagged the press. Any word of dissent is rewarded with jail or death and, under the guise of "socialism," these leaders and a phalanx of kleptocrats have settled down to loot Africa's wealth. Each violent coup has simply replaced the nationalists with military juntas who have then applied a soldierly rigor to the same plundering operation - a further betrayal. Dr. Ayittey writes devastatingly on the horrors of black neo-colonialism, arguing that it is naive for commentators to blame Africa's misery on external factors: African leaders have betrayed both the just aspirations of their countrymen and Africa's indigenous political systems, which in no way endorse tyranny. Dr. Ayittey sees a second liberation struggle building up throughout the continent - one that will sweep away the kleptocracy and rediscover the African traditions that have endured throughout the horrors of both white colonialism and black neo-colonialism.

Hardcover: 412 pages