Arabic Children's Illustrated Dictionary

Arabic Children's Illustrated Dictionary
Item# 9780781808910

Product Description

This new series of dictionaries makes learning vocabulary in a foreign language at an early age easier and more enjoyable than ever!

Designed to be a child’s very first foreign language dictionary for ages 5-10. 500 entries, each accompanied by a large illustration. The book design allows a young child to focus on each word and picture and make the connection between them. Each entry features the word in English and its foreign language equivalent, along with commonsense phonetic pronunciation. Entries include people, animals, colors, numbers and objects that children encounter and use every day.

“With their absorbent minds, infinite curiosities and terrific memories, young children have enormous capacities to master many languages. All they need is exposure and encouragement. The beautiful images and clear presentation make this dictionary a wonderful tool for unlocking your child’s multilingual potential.” Deborah Dumont, M.A., M.Ed. Child Psychologist and Educational Consultant

Paperback: 95 pages