Intermediate Arabic Workbook: For Revision and Practice

Intermediate Arabic Workbook: For Revision and Practice
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by John Mace

This sequel to Basic Arabic Workbook shares a similar purpose and format with the introductory text. Having already consolidated knowledge of the essential elements and patterns of Modern Standard Arabic, the reader of the first book will be well prepared for the material and exercises provided in this second volume.

Intermediate Arabic Workbook further explores word and sentense structure. The emphasis is on practical language usage in a working environment, and the vocabulary is expanded to 2,100 words in a variety of domanins ranging from community to computing. Exercises with activities such as filling in forms, interpreting charts and statistics tables, writing letters and seeking and recording information are provided. Included are a variety of real-life forms, such as a visa application and banks forms, and articles from different sources, designed to enhance the student's language learning experience.

About the author(s) John Mace is one of the foremost writers of teaching materials for Middle Eastern languages. He has worked in the Diplomatic Service, as a British Council lecturer, as a personnel officer in the Middle East and as a European Commission delegate. He has written two Arabic books for the Teach Yourself series, Arabic, Persian and German language manuals, and a verse translation of Russian poetry.

Paperback: 171 pages