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by Bintell Powell


Bright lights and Big City Dreams in New York City can be intoxicating. Just ask Mark Christian. He's a flashy, hot tempered, young sales executive, trapped in Corporate America in a race against time. Mr. Christian's got larger than life plans though. He's putting together the first luxury Internet publication that will cater to the wealthiest sector of society. If he succeeds, he'll become a multi-millionaire almost overnight.Numerous landmines are lying in his path. His uncontrollable temper, coupled with a devious war between his boss and already well-established high school friends, threaten to destroy everything he's worked for thus far. Can Mark overcome all the death and destruction plaguing his friends and family members for the last few years? Will his split personality be his demise, or will he find his way through the abyss of his own confusing Jamaican upbringing? Will Marks uncontrollable appetite for beautiful women cause him to loose the one thing he can truly count on? The one thing most dear to him. Will the seductive models of the infinite entertainment industries nightlife scene destroy him completely? Betrayal is everywhere and time is running out for Mark Christian. He's got no place else to go but up. He's been down for much too long!

Paperback: 300 pages