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by Michael D. Woodard, P.h. D.

In Black Entrepreneurs in America, Woodard lets us hear for the first time from many on the front lines of the American marketplace. Woodard begins the book with a summary of two hundred years of Black entrepreneurship in America, and then offers a lucid analysis of contemporary theories of Black business. Through in-depth interviews with twelve entrepreneurs, Woodard provides a powerful record of entrepreneurial vitality in a market that is often hostile and exclusive. Woodard covers businesses from across the United States representing diverse industries, including paper distribution, office furniture, computer management, construction, chemicals, ship building, communications, and systems engineering. Each business has a minimum gross revenue of $1 million per year and from ten to over two hundred employees. These twelve interviews make up the heart of the book, as Black entrepreneurs talk frankly about business challenges, opportunities, and issues of community involvement. Woodard ends on a practical note with resources and advice for anyone contemplating an entrepreneurial future.

Hardcover: 254 pages