Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Item# 9781881316398

Product Description

by Robert Crudup

Romance, laughter and gunplay result when Amy Reilly, a rebel without a cause, and her brother Paul Reilly, an occult store owner, discover that there are vampires in the really real world and you can haunt your ancient relatives. Add a meddling goddess, witchcraft, reincarnation, some elitist bloodsuckers and a vampire feud and you have a fast-paced fun read with lots of love, sex, violence and most important of all, family loyalty.

From the Publisher New and improved. Now with proofreading. We've corrected the errors in the earlier copies. This does not change the ISBN. Reader Advisory This book contains the following elements which may be considered unsuitable by some readers and literary purists: violence, graphic sex, erotic blood sucking, foul language, gore, angst, questions of morality, reincarnation, guns, S&M, family loyalty, pop culture references, the promotion of anarchy, metaphors, wiccans, druids, ancient Celtic goddesses, undead politics & etiquette, thralls, snappy banter and witty retorts, pregnancy & childbirth, bisexuality, talking dogs, car wrecks, torture, romance, sibling rivalry, psychic powers & scenery, and true love. And though promoted as a vampire novel, it may or may not contain vampires within the parameters of any one person's definition of the undead and/or blood sucking leeches.

Pure pulp, read at your own risk

Paperback: 224 pages