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by Al-Sasdiq Banks

Book Description:

The author shows you what life looks like through the eyes of a middle-aged hustler, who is forced to change his entire game plan just to survive against the new generation of hustlers. It's a new day, with a new breed of hustlers. The old rule book has been discarded, and a new one has been written. Either you learn how to play by the new rules or don't play the game at all. Cashmere has just been released from Federal Prison. After serving seven years, he has finally paid the Government the debt he owed them. Now he wants what the streets owe him. His plan is to pick up from where he left off. The only problem is, the new generation has taken over and they refuse to accept orders from the middle-aged veteran.

It's seven years later, the little boys he left back home have turned into grown men. It's their turn and they're not going to sit on the sideline and watch him take over.

Watch Cashmere do everything in his power to make it to the top, where he feels he truly belongs.

Will he regain the crown or will he have to bow down?

Paperback: 266 pages