Blacked Out Through Whitewash

Blacked Out Through Whitewash
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by Suzar

This book exposes the Quantum Deception composing the Foundation of Western Culture, Religion & His-Story. It exposes some of the greatest Coverups in "His-Story" & the massive Mind-Control and Deception perpetrated in the name of "the Lord." This book also recovers lost and suppressed Melanated Truths. It is critical for Afrikan people and ALL Peoples to awaken to these quantum truths which have been hidden from Humanity for 2000 years. Recovering these suppressed Truths is vital for the full Awakening, Upliftment, Liberation, Healing, Kinship, Empowerment, and thus the SURVIVAL, of ALL HuHuManity.

Among other things, this book irrefutably exposes and proves that the entire Bible is disguisedly an astrology/astronomy book, composed of disguised zodiacs and Egyptian astrological allegories. And 90% of the evidence for this is from the Bible itself! For example, Suzar has discovered that the true etymology or meaning of the names of all the many groups of 12 in the Bible, aligns with a major trait of the astrological sign which that name /individual represents. Thus, the name Thomas Didymus (a disciple of Christ) literally means twin-twin, and stands for Gemini. The name Gad (a son of Jacob) means goat, hence is Capricorn. This is 100% consistent throughout the Bible. Turn to Genesis, chapter 49 where astrology is especially evident. Here, in the "blessings" which dying Jacob (representing the setting, hence, dying Sun) gives to each of his "sons" is a major astrological trait identifying that son with the zodiac sign he stands for: Joseph= Sagittarius and is linked with archers; Judah= Leo and is linked with lions; Zebulon= Pisces and is linked with the sea; Simeon & Levi "are brethren" -distinguished from their other "brethren" because they represent Gemini, and so on. Another blatant example: Go to chapter 3 of Nehemiah. "In his account of the reconstruction of the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah appropriately begins at the Sheep Gate, which of course is Aries. As to be expected, there are 12 gates. Unlike the names of personages, half of these gate names are stark clear about which zodiacal sign they represent. Nehemiah's 'wall' symbolizes the Zodiac...."

Other topics: Secrets of Melanin. Kamit (ancient Black Egypt). "Acquired Anti-Nappy Syndrome" (AANS). The Great Black Mother of Creation.

What Cosmic Principle causes hair (antennae) to be Nappy? (page 7) In what ancient symbols is Jesus's sex life disguised in the Bible? (pages 138, 193, 195) How did Afrikans spark the European Renaissance? (page 43) Who were the world's 25 crucified risen saviors? (page 121) Where is Santa Claus in the Bible & what is his true identity? (page 355) Why did Napoleon's soldiers blow off the nose of the Sphinx? (page 23) Why are the world's top religions all Anti-Female, fear-based and militaristic ?

Paperback: 452 pages