A Book For Midwives: Care For Pregnancy, Birth, And Women's health

A Book For Midwives: Care For Pregnancy, Birth, And Women's health
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by Susan Klein, Suellen Miller, and Fiona Thomson

Originally published in 1995, A Book for Midwives has proved a vital resource for practicing midwives and midwifery training programs around the world. The revised 2004 edition preserves the original book's clear language, medical accuracy, and focus on simple, low-cost treatments, but has been reorganized and extensively revised to better support care during labor and management of obstetric emergencies.

Chapters have been expanded and/or updated to cover lifesaving reproductive health information, and to recognize the broad role of midwives in providing women's health care.

Updated information includes:

HIV/AIDS in pregnancy and birth Breastfeeding infection prevention, and family planning pelvic exams IUD insertion and removal helping a woman when a pregnancy ends early manual vacuum aspiration Heavily illustrated, clearly written, and developed with the participation of community-based midwives, midwifery trainers, and medical specialists around the world, it is equally useful in a rural village or urban clinic, as a training manual for students or as a reference for an experienced midwife.

Paperback: 544 pages