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by Damon Wayans:

Nothing is too outrageous for Damon Wayans. Whether he's talking about family, celebrities, racism, relationships, politics, or sex, he takes no prisoners. And in Bootleg, Damon brings it all on, uncut and uncensored. Filled with laughs, craziness, and lots of truth, Bootleg will leave you hurting for more!

Celebrities: When I found out that Steven Spielberg has two black kids, I was amazed. Where did he get these kids from? Were they props left over from The Color Purple?

Black Leaders: I must have been asleep the day they elected Al Sharpton as the black representative. He is the only leader in history to show up to a rally wearing a tight red velour sweat suit with a roller in the front of his hair.

Religion: Thanks to preachers, a lot of people have given up on religion completely. Today, going to church is like going to Vegas. You'll leave thinking, "Man, I lost $75.00 up in this motha."

Author Biography:

Damon Wayans starred in the groundbreaking television sketchcomedy program In Living Color. He performed characters like Blaine Edwards, the gay film critic, Handi-Man, the first handicapped hero, the Head Detective, and Homey the Clown. He then went on to make some films, including The Last Boy Scout, Mo' Money, Major Payne, and a movie even his own mother didn't like, Blankman. He's had three HBO specials, One Night Stand, The Last Stand, and Still Standing, and continues to do standup around the country. Born in Manhattan with nine siblings, Damon now lives in LA with his wife, four children, two dogs, and a pet roach named Luther

Paperback: 199 pages