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by Dick Gregory with Sheila P. Moses

Comedian, civil rights activist, author, actor, philosopher, and nutritionist- Dick Gregory has been all these things. A champion of political and social causes, he is reknowned for his biting satire. Now, more than thirty years after his bestselling book Nigger, Gregory has put his provocative life story down on paper. In this riveting memoir, he recounts his unique experiences and discusses the fascinating people he has known.

Gregory grew up in the St.Louis ghetto sharing a bed with five siblings, so hungry he ate paste out of a jar. He attended college on an athletic scholarship, became a superstar comedian and then a human rights activist who convinced the Ayatollah Khomeini to release the American hostages in Iran. Since the 1970s, he has been a nutrition guru, running clinics for the overweight. For four decades, Gregory has touched and rocked our world. It's time we were reminded how much

Paperback: 301 pages