Cane (Modern Library Series)

Cane (Modern Library Series)
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by Jean Toomer

read Cane for the first time when I was a Freshman in college. I believe that it was the first time that I'd noticed how beautiful it is when the energy of poetry is fused with prose fiction. Particularly interesting is the fact that, while Toomer wrote a deep portrayal of the issues of race in America at that time, he functioned more as an anthropologist than an insider for, while he was black, he was descended from the socially detached black middle class and had to learn about most aspects of black culture through observation rather than experience. This makes the work that much more powerful. I especially loved to read "Blood Burning Moon", a story about the fatal competition between a black and white man for the affections of a young, alluring black woman. All in all, Cane is not to be missed by anyone who digs poetry/prose fusion or anyone who loves the romance of language...... A reader

Hardcover: 165 pages