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by Marissa Monteilu

After three years together, Mia can't help wondering if she's got a real future with Miles who's all that and then some, as long as the words "love" and "commitment" don't creep into the conversation. But the lady's willing to put her doubts aside until after the vacation they've planned together with a group of their closest friends: a luxurious Caribbean cruise on the maiden voyage of the Chocolate Ship. The brainchild of billionaire black entrepreneur Delmonte Harrison, it's the "Love Boat" with a soulful spin.

En route to Paradise, anything can happen and anything goes. Wings are sprouted, taboos are tolerated, truths are revealed, hearts are broken and reassembled and lovin' is served up as hot as Caribbean spice. All of a sudden Miles has a new crew of admirers. And Mia, who has caught the roving eye of the very fine Delmonte Harrison himself, is well on her way to discovering that temptation fever does not discriminate

From Marissa Monteilh, the acclaimed author of May December Souls, comes a sizzling, sexy, fabulous, funny, and wonderfully romantic adventure of personal discoveries and glorious reawakenings on the unpredictable sea of love.

Author Biography: Marissa Monteilh is a former commercial actress and television news reporter. A single mother of three, she lives in Los Angeles and is currently developing projects for television and film

Paperback: 342 pages