Chalk Outline Confessions

Chalk Outline Confessions
Item# 9780978927615

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by David L

Enter The Mind Of A Woman Scorned Francine Styles receives a visit from two detectives one fateful night announcing her husband's death. She later finds out that his killer is another man that he has been having an extramarital affair with. Now she is on a mission to end the lives of men that lead a double life. A life of deception that their partners are unaware of. Witness each murder firsthand as Francine's wit and cunning continue to develop with each death. Even Fran's trusted psychiatrist is nothing more than a helpless pawn in her quest for notoriety. Unable to pinpoint her whereabouts or deduce who is next on her sadistical list of names, she is labeled "The Revlon Killer" by law enforcement and media - a name given to her based on what she does to her victims after she kills them. Like the black widow spider, she seduces her victims before killing them in cold blood!

Paperback: 224 pages