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by Athanasius U. P. Ohaya

Book Description:

In Clear Across the Bridge, Athanasius Ohaya takes us along with Isaac on a winding journey from childhood in Nigeria to life in America. Isaac starts his journey at age 5 when he first leaves the warmth and security of hearth and home. Confronted with strange people and haunted by inner turmoil, Isaac asks the same questions over and over: Should he break with family traditions or keep them? Should he go along or go it alone? Why did love both betray and sustain him? Isaac crosses many bridges -- across fears, across cultures, across riverss and ocean, across dreams and reality. Both in Nigeria and the U.S., he faces betrayals and setbacks and wrestles with his own deep inner conflicts. Both brave and timid, will he stay frozen between two worlds or see his way clear across the bridge?

Papeback: 233 pages