David C. Driskell Artist and Scholar

David C. Driskell Artist and Scholar
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by Julie L. McGee

As an artist, David C. Driskell has used many media to great effect in exploring the subjects of nature and culture, African and African American heritage, spirituality, family, and sociopolitics. As a scholar and educator, he has probably done more than anyone else to establish the study of African American art within the canon of all American art scholarship. His scores of awards and honors include, perhaps most notably, the National Humanities Medal. In 2001, the University of Maryland opened the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the African Diaspora in honor of his tenure there.

Now retired, Driskell is a tireless lecturer and visiting professor; he continues to paint, print, design, and draw. In his foreword to this book, Keith Morrison asserts that "the achievements of David C. Driskell are as grand as Mount Everest." Anyone who knows Driskell would readily agree.

David C. Driskell: Artist and Scholar traces its subject's personal, artistic, and scholarly journeys, lending context to his participation in and influence on pivotal movements in twentieth-century American art and society, Nearly two hundred images--reproductions of artworks, photographs of Driskell and his family, friends, and associates--support Julie McGee's knowledgeable and engaging text. The first biography and comprehensive monograph of one of our most respected artists and scholars, David C. Driskell: Artist and Scholar is a long-overdue tribute to a great American.

Hardcover: 216 pages