Dark Matters Dark Secrets

Dark Matters Dark Secrets
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by T. Owens Moore, Ph.D.

Dark Matters - Dark Secrets is a continuing exploration into the area of melanin research. Melanin is commonly known as the substance that produces skin pigmentation, and this book will be valuable to any reader interested in the various effects of pigmented cells in the skin as well as the central nervous system.

Moore divides this book into two parts. In Part One (Dark Matters), a new and exciting perspective on the role of melanin in the skin is presented with a lengthy discussion on the pineal gland and the brain. Essentially, DARK DOES MATTER as a critical factor for the maintenance of life.

In Part Two (Dark Secrets), a biopsychosocial approach is presented to discuss drug addiction and how the drug binding capabilities of melanin can make a person more susceptible to the effects of some drugs.

The reader will obtain a unique outlook on health, nutrition, the human body and learn new concepts related to the most complex entity in the universe, the brain. The emphasis is placed on how the pigment melanin found in dark skin and the melinated centers of the body are essential for proper physiological functioning.

Astrophysicists use dark matter to describe the intriguing material in the external universe, and this brain scientist uses the term dark matter to describe the neuromelanin in the brain of the internal universe (the human body).

Paperback: 152 pages