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by Darryl James Moseley

Book Description:

Andrea Noble, a young, pretty detective from a family of cops, runs into Nicholas Harlins, an unrequited love who has been missing for two years. She has all but forgotten him as well as love and has been focusing on her promising career.

Nicholas, a bright young community activist for his neighborhood's councilwoman, mysteriously left town after being accused of murdering his childhood friend, a drug dealer named Ray Price. He returns home and immediately seeks out his former lover, telling her in sketches why he had to leave and that he needs her help.

Reluctantly, Andrea agrees to assist him, and while investigating the murder, she uncovers dark secrets that involve Nicholas, and major political players in the city of Washington, DC. The secrets that she discovers hold the power to ruin the careers of politicians as well as her former lover and could potentially bring her own death.

The detective also discovers that her feelings are still deep, and she gets just as deep in the plot when she discovers secrets about the man she loves that she can never reveal to him.

The chase for the truth leads them on a run from a greed-based web of lies and hidden crimes, laid down by the real killer who eventually plans to kill again before they discover the murderer's identity.

Andrea and Nicholas rediscover their love on the run, as they focus on making right the many wrongs in their lives.

Detective's Affair takes place in the nation's capitol and paints a picture of lust, greed and political corruption which inadvertently sever an undying love. The story leads the reader on a chase for truth through a web of deceit that is woven through the very fabric of the city and is unwittingly tied to the main characters. The backdrop of the story's investigative plot is the rekindling of a love strong enough to stand the test of time, separation and lies. This book is both a detective story and a love story, hence the name, Detective's Affair.

The detective, Andrea Noble reveals herself to be perhaps the smartest and strongest character of the story as she takes control of a potentially deadly situation, placing herself in harm's way in order to restore the good name of the man she once pledged her love to.

The lover, Nicholas Harlins, is a good and decent family man, who has no knowledge of his underlying role in a grand scheme of ascent to power.

Paperback: 187 pages