A Different Kinda Luv

A Different Kinda Luv
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by Tanaine Ja'Cole Jenkins

Book Description:

From throwing wild and sexy dorm parties to owning one of the most successful alternative clubs in Tallahassee, Florida, friends Nick Rivera and Jordan Taylor are at the top of their game and only getting better. Jordan, the play-hard, work-harder “lover boy,” just ended an overextended relationship with the possessive A’Lanna. Jordan then meets Tamiera Copeland, a soft-spoken beauty who instantly captures her heart. Soon, Jordan understands the meaning of a “different kinda luv.”

A self-proclaimed playa, Nick is known for her love ’em and leave ’em, “that’s the way life goes” attitude—until Suenos Garcia enters her life. Nick suddenly finds herself in a tragic situation, and even Jordan can’t help her through the turmoil. Will Nick push away the one person that can help her? Or does she also have a place in her heart for a “different kinda luv”?

Just when Nick and Jordan think everything is going well, A’Lanna is back to her old tricks. What happens when Jordan is finally pushed against the wall? Will she and Tamiera find happiness?

If Invisible Life by E. Lynn Harris captivated you—you will be intrigued by A Different Kinda Luv.

Paperback: 228 pages