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by Omar Tyree

Handsome, educated, and heterosexual, Bobby Dallas has no skeletons or kids in the closet. All that's missing is a talented, sexy, smart black woman by his side. And that should be easy - right? Having achieved his dream of becoming a highly successful radio talk-show host, Bobby is a man with the best of intentions not only in his career, but also in love. Bobby feels he's done everything right. He learns, though, that being a "do right man" is far from easy. Omar Tyree, author of the highly successful Flyy Girl, gives us a glimpse into the often mixed signals black men and women send to each other despite the fact that they're both waiting for the light to turn green. A Do Right Man gives us an inside view of what many black men are feeling, experiencing, and thinking in love and in their careers

Paperback: 350 pages