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by Ben Stefrey

Benn Setfrey turns the tables and puts the Black community "on notice" for the sinful, often fatal atrocities that are perpetrated against homosexuals in his new book "DON'T SHOOT! I'm Coming Out ~ How to Man Up & Set Heterosexuals Straight." Setfrey, who has lived a very private life, risks public persecution by "coming out" to bring you his personal story of love, betrayal, discrimination, and damnation.

In his witty and thought-provoking style, Setfrey confronts the hypocrites, who sit in church every Sunday professing to be 'saved' while simultaneously condemning every gay man to hell. DON'T SHOOT! I'm Coming Out includes a one-of-a-kind guide for gay men and men who feel trapped in the closet. The guide is not about "coming out" or being on the down-low. The book is designed so that young men can experience an awakening and self-discovery. Setfrey says, "You canít BE who you are until you KNOW who you are."

Who will young men turn to for guidance when their fathers turn their backs? We, according to Setfrey, have no world famous, MACHO, openly gay role models and no rule book to follow, but now thatís all about to change.

Additionally, he tells couples and singles who want to experience long term relationships how to make their relationship last forever; how to know if you've found Mr. Right; and how to become Mr. Right.

He shares the secrets of his very private relationship, which has lasted nearly a decade. Until now, no man has ever been bold enough to step to the forefront to offer candid relationship advice to the unrepresented group of invisible men.

People of all sexual orientations will identify with this soon to be best seller. Anyone who knows someone who is gay will enjoy examining the anti-gay world through the eyes of author Benn Setfrey.

Paperback: 233 pages