Domestic Violence for Beginners

Domestic Violence for Beginners
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by Alisa Deltufo, Barbara Henry (Illustrator)


Throughout history, men have found ways to justify mistreatment and violence toward women. Despite differences of language, religion, and custom, women are beaten by their male partners throughout most of the world. This book traces the causes of Domestic Violence, beginning with the astonishing revelation that spousal abuse has been condoned - if not recommended - by each of the major world religions and including the impact of "the nuclear family" and "Big Daddy" Sigmund Freud. The book also examines the traumatic effect that Domestic Violence has on children and the monumental public indifference to spousal abuse, both issues horrifically exemplified in recent headlines. Domestic Violence For Beginners tries to take a constructive approach by not only criticizing the existing institutions by suggesting realistic alternatives, that is, the best treatments currently available and...most importantly...where to go for HELP!

Paperback: 176 pages