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as told to Smokey D. Fontaine When you were a child, did you ever wonder why you were beaten or abused, why no one ever listened, why no one ever seemed to care? Did you ever wonder why you didn't have a father, where your next meal was going to come from, or how you would stay alive - without losing your sanity, without losing your mind? If you've ever had any of these thoughts, if you've ever lost your way, if you ever had to fight for everything - to belong, to feel good, to be accepted and loved - than this is a story for you. This is the autobiography of DMX.

"To live is to suffer. But to survive, well, that's to find meaning in the suffering..." - DMX to Smokey D. Fontaine, on why he wanted to write his story.

His real name is Earl Simmons. As a child he placed higher on tests than his fellow students, and liked to spend mornings with his mother and sisters playing games and making pancakes. But for young Earl - a boy growing up in the streets of Yonkers, NY - that kind of childhood didn't last long. Beatings, abuse, and neglect very soon had him moving on to other things, like robbing, stealing, drugs, and eventually, jail. But along the way, he found a talent and a passion for rhyme. Words and lyrics became an escape, a way for this suffering child to express his anger, and to get out all those feelings that he'd been forced to repress for so many years. It was his light in the darkness, and the one thing that let him fly.

And fly he did.

After twenty-seven years of chaos, struggle and survival, DMX became one of the biggest stories in contemporary music. But his character goes beyond that. He's also a father, a husband and more importantly, someone that never gave up, and never stopped chasing his dreams. He has dedicated his life and his music to give expression to the thoughts and feelings of those who have never been heard before - just like he was never heard as a child. Kids learn X's rhymes all day, only to chant them as personal anthems all night. Now, with this book, the first of its kind - an inside look at the life of an artist at the prime of his career - his legions of fans will have something besides his success to remember. They'll be able to share in his struggle, pain, and salvation, in one of the moving celebrity autobiographies you will ever read.

Hardcover: 337 pages