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Artist: Ayub Ogada

EN MANA KUOYO is a beautiful collection of West African-based original songs by Ayub Ogada. Played on a traditional stringed nyatiti (an African lyre) with percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, piano and organ, the music is all West African. It is joyful and upbeat, sung in the native language of his home culture - that of the Luo people of Western Kenya. Ogada's voice is rich and deep, resonating an earthy simplicity. The album is a rediscovery of his roots and reflects his efforts to be as true to his cultural heritage as possible. Though some jazz and blues rhythms are slipped in, they merely reflect Ogada's own education in the United States and life in present day West Africa. There is a sweet honesty about the lyrics and music on EN MANA KUOYO that resonates in the heart long after the listening.