Expensive Taste

Expensive Taste
Item# 9781934230831

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by Tiphani

Meet Mirror Carter, a hood chick from Shady Grove Trailer Park who would die to forget her past, and bask in a more sophisticated lifestyle. Although Mirror gets a small taste of the glamorous life, her appetite for wealth continues to grow as she constantly searches for the next big moneymaker. That is until she meets, Brice Tower, the handsome, and filthy rich owner of the Houston Rockets, and her meal ticket to the millionaire s club. Soon, chaos erupts and Mirror s fairy-tale life turns into a nightmare when she finds out Brice s best kept secret. As Mirror vows to hold on to her spot at the top, Brice struggles to keep her away. When the game of fatal attraction turns hood, Mirror s past is exposed and all hell breaks lose.

Paperback: 240 pages