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Artist: Farafina

Formed in 1978 by balafon player Mahma Konate, West African percussion ensemble Farafina is both a performing musical group and a teaching institution in the country of Burkina Faso. Students are trained by elders in the subtlety and passion of percussive techniques, hoping one day to be offered a coverted spot in the main group. FASO DENOU, Farafina's first release on Real World Records, features rhythmic acoustic music that's a mix of tradition and cross-cultural experimentation. The songs are arranged from scattered djembe beats, the fluid tones of the balafon, tama beats, flutes and vocals sung in a call/response method. Colorful and hypnotic, Farafina's earth rhythms (recorded live in their homeland) will entice you to dance and mesmerize you with their dexterity.