Fifty Famous People (Large Print Edition)

Fifty Famous People (Large Print Edition)
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by James Baldwin


James Baldwin was an American educator and administrator. After his career as an educator he began writing on such topics as legends, mythology, biography, and literature. Fifty Famous People is comprised of short stories about people, some more famous than others. The stories cannot be strictly called biographical but there is truth in each of them. Each person has had a lasting influence and an ethical lesson can be found in each story. Baldwin also wrote Fifty Famous Stories Retold.


In 1953, a young James Baldwin published Go Tell It on the Mountain, winning acclaim as a literary star and one of the leading voices of the African-American experience. Although Baldwin would spend the bulk of his adult life in France, his writing always addressed the complexities at the heart of America, viewed through the lens of the consummate outsider.

Hardcover: 144 pages