Final Resolution - The Separation of Truth and Lies in the Bible

Final Resolution - The Separation of Truth and Lies in the Bible
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by Cohane Michael Ben Levi

Quite often in life, issues arise that we would prefer not to have to deal with directly. We feel that to confront the problem might ultimately prove too painful. Maybe it is best left alone. let sleeping dogs lie, or those things will take care of themselves, we have been told. But will they? Serious matters, like the understanding of the Creator, or reconciling inconsistencies and controversies between the Old and New Testament scriptures, are left to fester. In one breath we readily acknowledge the essential nature of understanding the Creator in our lives. Yet in the next instant, we are convinced that an accurate discussion of Yah s words or the recorded scriptures can be delayed, often because they threaten cherished beliefs and relationships. But today we find ourselves coping with rapid and often cataclysmic change globally. Change that is of such profundity, that we sense in the depths of our souls that there is a greater plan at work. But where do we start to view it, understand it? Cohane Michael Ben Levi, priest, and Hebrew scholar has refused to let these matters go unchallenged. At the risk of stepping into the tinder box which is modern theology and religion, he has decided to take on the greatest of challenges: our belief in the Holy Scriptures. Read this work with full knowledge that sensitive relationships are at stake in this era. Not just the relationships with friends and family...but most significantly with Yah, the Creator of the Universe.

Paperback: 199 pages