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by Rosalyn McMillan

From bestselling African-American writer Rosalyn McMillan comes this extraordinary novel of how love can bring redemption and the ultimate salvation to any circumstance. The Flip Side of Sin takes readers on a journey through the lives of a group of unforgettable characters who must overcome life's toughest challenges to find true happiness.

It is a book in which worlds collide and people are forever transformed by the tumultuous changes that occur in one man's life. The story begins with Isaac Coleman, a man whose tragic mistakes cost him years away from everyone and everything that mattered to him -- especially his wife and son. Alone, confused, and bitter, Isaac can only become whole by learning to love again. But when he re-enters the world he left and attempts to get reacquainted with his now teenage son, Peyton, he finds heartbreaking rejection.

As Isaac struggles to understand and change his plight, his only form of self-expression is found in the keys of his saxophone. When he later meets up with Miracall Lake, a woman with whom he shares a painful past, she surprisingly helps him to face his fears and reach for his dreams. In this case, love indeed conquers all -- or so it tries to in this tale of good versus evil and love versus hate. The Flip Side of Sin is a poignant and memorable work from a writer of immense talent.

Hardcover: 350 pages