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by Chief Fama

This book provides detailed instruction of practical usage of Ifa by practitioners and non-practitioners and answers many questions with respect to "How to pray the Ifa way." The book, "The Bible" of the traditional Yoruba Religion, is 6 x 9, has 271 pp with photographs. It is written in English with Yoruba and has a comprehensive glossary. Fundamentals of the Yoruba Religion (rs Worship) began with Chief FAMA's early quest for knowledge of the rs; her positive experiences, initially, with the officials of Orunmila Temple in Lagos, Nigeria and an opportunity to write for an Orunmila Magazine. The book has been diligently researched and is an enchanting yet powerful overview of Yoruba religion. It is written in a friendly, readable style and many aspects of Yoruba are discussed. The reader benefits from the author's style of writing; her intimate knowledge of the Yoruba culture, and from her practical experience in the tradition of the religion. The explanation of the structure and characteristics of the religion is complete enough to offer some new insight to a Priest/Priestess; straight forward enough to stimulate the most intellectually inclined student and at the same time basic enough for any one who has just encountered Yoruba. Fundamentals of the Yoruba Religion (rs Worship) is a veritable encyclopedia. Chapters of the basics of the religion, prayers and chants, messages from the Odus combine easily with aspects of the rs history of the Yoruba and elements of initiation (including photographs). Fundamentals of the Yoruba Religion (rs Worship) answers long standing questions and diverts misconceptions about a religion that is, at present, experiencing a resurgence and is embraced by millions of Africans both on the continent and in the "New World." Fundamentals of the Yoruba Religion (rs Worship) is an invaluable resource and should become a staple for anyone who is interested in the Yoruba religion. There is no other work like it.

Paperback: 283 pages