God Ain't Blind

God Ain't Blind
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Product Description

by Mary Monroe


In this gripping, unforgettable new novel by New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe, forever friends Annette Goode Davis and Rhoda O'Toole are about to learn that even the rockiest relationships can survive just about anything—as long as you're there for each other when it matters most…

Annette Goode Davis is a survivor, and while life's obstacles have often knocked her down, she's never let them keep her there for long. To Annette, life is all about family and old friends like Rhoda O'Toole. And right now, Annette needs all the friends she can get…because her marriage is in big trouble, and she has no idea why…

Lately, her husband Pee Wee barely has the time of day for Annette and she suspects he may have fallen for another woman. Desperate to regain his affections, Annette goes on a crash diet, gets a total makeover, and looks hotter than she has for a long, long time. Everyone notices—everyone except Pee Wee.

Annette is ripe for the picking when she meets Louis Baines, a handsome young caterer who showers her with attention. Soon, Annette is embroiled in a full blown affair and spending money on Louis like there's no tomorrow. But when Annette learns a terrible secret about her new lover, she realizes she's in way over her head. Her life crumbling down around her, Annette turns to the only person she knows she can trust: Rhoda.

With Rhoda by her side, Annette's determined to find a way out of this mess. But when the truth finally comes out, Annette must face the fact that she may have destroyed the life she loved—and this time, not even Rhoda can help her make things right...

Publishers Weekly:

Hilarious, raunchy soul sistahs Annette Davis and Rhoda O'Toole return in this latest wacky adventure in Monroe's God series (God Don't Play, etc.). This time, Rhoda persuades her 46-year-old BFF to have an affair since Pee Wee, Annette's husband, hasn't touched his newly svelte wife in a year. Pee Wee has cancer, but doesn't tell his wife until he's cured so she's ripe for the picking. Rhoda sees nothing wrong with discreet adultery: she's been having an affair for years with her husband Otis's best friend, Bully Bullard. Sexy caterer Louis Baines, who's 30, woos Annette with all the right moves, and Annette finds him irresistible until it turns out he's after her money. Another extreme annoyance is Rhoda's 19-year-old Naomi Campbell look-alike daughter, Jade, who wreaked havoc in Annette's life by trying to steal Pee Wee and has come home with a Mexican hottie who chickens out on marrying her. Monroe's never better than when she's writing about Annette and Rhoda, an outrageous Lucy & Ethel–style African-American comedy duo who are always getting in trouble.

Hardback: 304 pages