Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew Dictionary & Phrasebook

Hebrew-English / English-Hebrew Dictionary & Phrasebook
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by Dr. Israel Palchan

This concise reference provides the means for basic communication in Hebrew, and includes a two-way dictionary and a phrasebook covering topics such as introductions, food and drink, transportation, and other aspects of daily life. Featuring the Hebrew script and its transliteration in the Latin alphabet for easy pronunciation, it is an ideal language guide for students and travelers to Israel.

Over 5,500 entries Pronunciation guide Romanized Hebrew A basic grammar Essential phrases Ideal for travelers, students, and businesspeople

About the author(s)

Dr. Israel Palchan, born in the former Soviet Union, was one of the first Hebrew language teachers in Moscow. In the early 1970s, he immigrated to Israel. He is the author of several Hebrew Language manuals.

Paperback: 210 pages