Healing Is In the Spirit (Book and CD)

Healing Is In the Spirit (Book and CD)
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Ra Un Nefer Amen

Several thosands of books have been writen worldwide on the healing power of the mind. Finally there is a book that thoroughly explains all aspects of the subject and gives the reader a complete set of guided meditations to reestablish and maintain optimum health. You will acquire a thorough understanding of the workings and interactions of your will, spirit, mind and body as taught in ancient spiritual traditions, as well as the secrets of psychotherapy. The book is for everyone; lay people, health professionals, psychologists, physicians, parents... All that you have to do is to study the easy to understand principles in the book and relax with the guided meditation CD as your mind, spirit and life force automatically do the work to set you on the healing path of love, peace, joy and happiness.

Paperback and CD: 94 pages