How Strong Women Pray

How Strong Women Pray
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by Bonnie St. John

Bonnie's amazing life story is interwoven with intimate reflections on prayer by inspiring women, given in interviews expressly for this book. Barbara Bush, Maya Angelou, Kathie Lee Gifford, Amy Grant, Kathy Ireland, Edie Falco, and Susan Taylor are among the 25 powerful women who share how they communicate with God and reveal to readers how they can do the same.

The prayer lives of these strong women are supplemented by compelling stories about how they have, through prayer, faced extraordinary challenges. Each answers these questions:

When has prayer made a big difference in your life?

How do you pray?

What practical tips can you offer to make prayer more effective?

How have your prayers changed over time?

Bonnie St. John lyrically reveals her own life experiences— how prayer helped her overcome the amputation of her leg as a child, her triumph as an international ski champion, and childhood sexual abuse.

Hardcover: 304 pages