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by Ayo Salami

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Although Ifa is the Sacred Text of Yoruba/Orisa Religion and its denominations (which include Candomble, Lukumi, Batuque, and Santeria), for over two millennia, this text has been transmitted orally by Babalawo (Ifa priests) and Iyanifa (Ifa priestesses). Salamiís book is the first definitive collection of this Sacred Text. The book contains 2 poems from each of the 256 Odu of the Sacred Ifa Literary Corpus. The poems are written in modern Yoruba orthography and they are elegantly translated into English. Although each Odu of the Sacred Ifa Text has between 400 and 600 poems, this is an important publication as it is the most definitive collection of the Ifa Literature that is currently available in print. An essential reference book for libraries and all scholars of Yoruba/Orisa Religion.

About the Author Ayo Salami is a specialist in the transcription and translation of Yoruba oral materials into the English language. Popularly known as "Ogunmatthew", Ayo Salami is well-known for his radical proverbs and for his identification with Yoruba as a language of wisdom.

Paperback: 926 pages