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by Ra Ifagbemi Babalawo

Book Description:

It is gratifying to know that Min. Ra Ifagbemi has produced a manual on Obi divination. While brilliantly pioneering this subject, he has precisely and concisely created a work of great practicality. Based on the age old Yoruba Oracle Obi, this book will certainly become a standard reference for Obi divination; allowing the reader to comprehend the full potential and divine message from the mouth of the Spirit of Creation itself. Obi Abata, which is the focus of this work is the simplest Ifa Oracle. It requires no initiations nor prescribed animal sacrifices. But, be not fooled, although apparently simple, it is extremely accurate and has the power to mathematically generate one leg of the Ifa Ikin and Opele oracles. Obi, when properly cast, reveals the exact state of affairs of any situation

Paperback: 100 pages