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by Deloris E. Jordan

Pain With A Purpose... Being a member of a rich and famous family does not exclude us from a life filled with pain. We see a tragic snippet on the six o'clock news and wonder how things can go so dreadfully wrong in a life filled with material affluence? But all that glitters is not gold and Deloris Jordan, the eldest sister of acclaimed basketball legend Michael Jordan, sledgehammers that myth with an honest, brutal, and oftentimes painful recounting of what it meant for her to have spent the last forty plus years living in her family's shadow. Ripping the lid off of such family secrets as incest, the pressures of living in the public eye, and the resulting falsity of life under a microscope, Ms. Jordan shows us the inherent pride that causes us to sweep our family dysfunctions under the rug of reality. Moreso than a personal attack on family members In My Family's Shadow is a brutal, honest, and open account of Deloris Jordan, the self-proclaimed 'black sheep' of the family. Ms. Jordan skillfully exposes her pain in an effort to help others who may be going through similar situations, letting us know that regardless of what we suffer through in life, there is healing in God's wings, if we so choose to accept it. Acknowledging her own shortcomings and contribution to the pain that she endured Ms. Jordan gives us a first hand account of past secrets, low self-esteem, guilt, and the resulting anger that accompanies it. Whether you have suffered abuse in any form. Ms. Jordan's account enables us to look beyond the person's actions into the depths of a hurting individual, thereby allowing us to show compassion and empathy for those whose lives are filled with havoc. A must read, In My Family's Shadow is a heartfelt, poignant, pain-filled testimony to the unlimited power and might of a gracious and loving God. Focusing more on His redemptive attributes, Ms. Jordan's life shows us that the trials and tribulations that we go through in life are not merely for us alone, but can be used as a stepping stone for those who cannot see their way out of their own misery. Everything that God does has purpose, and Ms. Jordan shows us that her pain, while traumatic does serve a greater purpose. If only one person is helped by Ms. Jordan's life, then truly she has accomplished her mission her on earth. - Rosalind Stormer, author of 'Healing the Breach'

Hardcover: 204 pages