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by J. California Cooper

Throughout her writing life, J. California Cooper has garnered praise for bringing voice to her own special brand of spirited characters. "Cooper's power," the Washington Post declared, "comes from sticking to her instinct, which is to tell a story, plain and simple." She delves heartily into life's ironic and often bitter complications, offering up parable-like truths about good and evil, and the messy world in which they intertwine. In Search of Satisfaction unfolds in Yoville, "a legal township founded by the very rich for their own personal use." Ms. Cooper's beguiling history of the town is inextricably linked to one man, a freed slave named Josephus who fathers two children with two different women. Ruth is born to a hardworking mother; she seems destined for a life of material poverty enriched by family. Yinyang, Josephus's daughter by the alcoholic mistress of the manse, treads an uncertain path. She weaves in and out of spiritual awareness, alternately deceiving and being deceived by those who need her. In seeking the legacy left by their father, Ruth and Yinyang pull each other, their families, and their Yoville neighbors into a vortex of ever-powerful emotion. With the grace and imagination for which she has long been admired, J. California Cooper looks evil in the eye, and embraces her readers in the warmth of the hope of redemption.


Cooper's second novel is an epic saga of three families whose paths intertwine with the devil in their quests for wealth, power and love. The history of the town is inextricably linked to Josephus, a freed slave, and his two dauthers, Ruth and Yinyang. In seeking the legacy left by their father, the sisters pull each other into the vortex of ever-powerful emotion.

Publishers Weekly:

Cooper details a family saga in which two half-sisters attempt to come to grips with their father's legacy. (Oct.)

Paperback: 368 pages