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by Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig


Initiatic Tales of Hej-Ptah is a collection of short stories that are told in the traditional initiations of the African bush. The book opens with How Rich, How Poor, a tale of a wealthy father who decided to take his son to visit a poor person, hoping to teach his child to value the luxuries that he provides to his family. The son spends some time with a poor farmer, and when the family returns to their wealthy home, the father asks the son about what he has learned. While the father is anticipating a response of gratitude for their material wealth, the son surprises him by reporting that the poor farmer had much more wealth than their family has: “We have a swimming pool that reaches the middle of the garden, and this family has a river that has no end. We have imported lamps for our garden, and others have all the stars in the night sky.” This story is a perfect opening for the book, challenging the reader to think differently than how he has been conditioned, helping him see that perhaps the things that we value so highly are just distractions, and that true wealth is not measured by the amount listed on your bank statement, but rather by what you have within you and the beauty of the world in which you live...

There are many stories in this collection, including The Name On The Empty Pot (the importance of honesty and integrity), Love That Kills (when emotions stand in the way of responsibility), The Traveler And His Goal (the loss of important life principles), The Hyena And the Donkey (the psychological comfort that enslaves us), What The Monkey Desires (our dreams and desires take us hostage), and many others. These are timeless and ageless stories that can be read, re-read, and read again as we continue on our journey through life, helping remind us of what is truly important. The values taught in this book are those on which The Earth Center and the African Mystery Schools base their teachings. One cannot ask the world to change; instead, one must do the internal work that is necessary so that the world can change! It is easy to point our fingers at others while refusing to address our own faults and inconsistencies. We must build the world in which we want to live, and we must first adopt the values we want others to possess.

Paperback: 128 pages