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by Maulana Karenga

The Introduction to Black Studies by Dr. Maulana Karenga is an invaluable contribution to history and humanity in terms of its afrocentric context in analyzing and accurately introducing the rich and varied history and contribution of continental Africans, African Americans and other Black peoples through out the World African Community to its readers. This book is a must read not only for those in college classes, it should also be used in high school curriculums, Rites of Passage programs and adults alike. I have yet to find another introductory text that gives such a comprehensive analysis of Black life in dignity affirming terms than the I.B.S. The structure in which the I.B.S. is presented to its reader provides for smooth transitions from one category or subject to another. Dr. Karenga appears to order the table of contents in the order of the seven basics areas of culture, i.e. Spirituality and Ethics, History, Social organization, Economic organization, Political organization, Creative Production and Ethos. The origin of this cultural structure is developed from the Communitarian African Philosophy, Kawaida, which means, "Tradition and Reason" also created by Dr. Karenga. More on Kawaida Philosophy can be found on page 173 of the I.B.S. The reader of the I.B.S. will also discover that Dr. Karenga uses category's that provides a logic of liberation in suggesting alternatives to the dominant society's views and values, in how they relate to the views and values of African Americans and other Black peoples. After each subject, Dr. Karenga has provided the reader with study questions and an extensive reference list from which further research and study can take place. Again, I highly recommend the reading of the Introduction to Black Studies and keeping it in one's personnal library as a major reference source.

Paperback: 531 pages