The Irritated Genie

The Irritated Genie
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by Dr. Jacob Carruthers

From the Introduction... Race Vindication has long been a major theme in the consciousness of Blacks living in the United States... Early conceptualizations of this consciousness in the second decade of the 19th century reflected on the Haitian Revolution as a demonstration of race redemption... The liberator of Haiti, Jean Jacques Dessalines, in his speech accepting the office of Governor General for Life of the newly Independent Black Nation, referring to the possible attempted invasion of Haiti, asserted that upon their approach... "The irritated genie of Haiti looming out of the bosom of the sea appears, his menacing face rouses the waves, stirs up storms and his might hand smashes or scatters their ships." We may well describe the spirit of the Haitian Revolution as the "Irritated Genie of Haiti" The author earned a Ph.D in Political Science. He was a Professor Emeritus of Northeastern Illinois University. Dr. Carruthers was also past President of the Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations and Director of the Kemetic Institute of Chicago, Illinois.

Paperback: 134 pages