Kamitic Success (Software) Tracking Your Progress via The "Weighing Of The Heart" System

Kamitic Success (Software) Tracking Your Progress via The "Weighing Of The Heart" System
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by Ra Un Nefer Amen

How and why were the ancient Egyptians able to lay the foundation for civilization? Thousands of years before all other civilizations appeared on the horizon of history, the ancient Egyptians were able to intuit mathematics, astronomy, geometry, writing, medicine, government, religion, philosophy, literature (plays, the novel, poetry, sonnets), harmonic music, and much more—and to pass it to others.

In his latest book, Ra Un Nefer Amen presents in workbook fashion, a step by step application of the spiritual wisdom employed by the ancient Egyptians to build their magnificent civilization.

Unlike other "success" systems that give a sprinkling of spiritual principles as the chief means of attaining success, Amen presents the entire Kamitic system in a manner that is accessible to readers of all walks of life.

The book gives clear, concrete and specific directiosn on how to apply the spiritual principles to whatever worldly goal you are working on. Not only will you learn the laws and how to inculcate them in your mind, you will learn how to manage your thoughts from moment to moment in order to achieve optimum success in your endeavors.

The book is accompanied by a software that will enable you to get an objective evaluation of your understanding of the principles and track your success.