The Langston Hughes Reader: The Selected Writings of Langston Hughes

The Langston Hughes Reader: The Selected Writings of Langston Hughes
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by Langston Hughes


This compilation of the writings of Langston Hughes is drawn from every category of his prodigious literary achievement. It combines highlights of the novels, stories, plays, poems, songs, and essays that have made him famous with many new writings that have never before been published in book form.

Among the new selections are the complete libretto of his popular musical comedy Simply Heavenly, all of the text of his pageant The Glory of Negro History, a one-act play Soul Gone Home, and many other stories, poems, and children's lyrics. There are generous portions of his autobiographies, The Big Sea and I Wonder as I Wander, and of the incomparable Simple trilogy: Simple Takes a Wife, Simple Speaks His Mind, and Simple Stakes a Claim.

Langston Hughes is an unchallenged spokesman of African Americans. With art and wit, he has defined the place of Black Americans in all of the diverse forms of American literary expression. This comprehensive anthology is crowded from cover to cover with the characteristic scenes and sentiments that have established his commanding position in world literature.


Highlights from the novels, stories, plays, poems, songs and essays, some previously unpublished, of Langston Hughes.

Hardcover: 502 pages