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by Vickie M. Stringer


Let That Be the Reason is the first of a quasi-fiction trilogy based on the author's real-life experiences. Pamela Xavier is abandoned by her drug dealing infant son's father (Chino) with a stack of bills, no food in the 'fridge, and an impending eviction notice. With no job prospects, Pamela feels backed into a corner and decides to get her "hustle" on. As a female caught up in a male-dominated game, Pamela relies on her alter-ego, Carmen, to deal with the streets, playas, dealers, drug lords, and of course, the law.

In no time, Carmen is on top running a call-girl service, fencing operation, and drug cartel--and add to that, being a mom. With money on her mind and her mind on money, Carmen's hustle is taking the streets by storm but the ever-present danger brought on by the police and rival hustlers makes staying in the game perilous.

Carmen wants out the game but her powerful drug connect, Dragos, wants her in. If she stays in, the police will force her to implicate Dragos. Her love interest, Delano, a noble hustler, wants Carmen out the game at all costs. Her first love and father of her son, Chino, wants Carmen in the game so he can connect with Dragos. .

Carmen's made enough money and she wants out. But can she get out alive? And can she get out in time? Can Carmen, her infant son, and Delano live happily ever after? Vickie M. Stringer adroitly weaves fact and fiction and has written the most honest, provocative and compelling novel of the "Bad-Girl" genre--Let That Be the Reason. More honest than True to the Game, more provocative than Addicted, and more compelling than B-More Careful.

Paperback: 247 pages