Malagasy-English / English-Malagasy Dictionary & Phrasebook

Malagasy-English / English-Malagasy Dictionary & Phrasebook
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by Janie Rasoloson

An Austronesian language with over 14 million speakers, Malagasy is the national language of Madagascar and is also spoken on the island of Mayotte (Comoro Islands). Designed for the traveler, this compact guide provides the means for basic communication in Malagasy, featuring a two-way dictionary and 22-chapter phrasebook with practical and cultural information.

2,500 dictionary entries Pronunciation guide A basic grammar Essential phrases Ideal for the traveler and student

About the author(s)

Janie Rasoloson, a native of Madagascar, is a research scientist at the University of Hamburg, Germany. She holds a doctorate in linguistics and has written several books on the Malagasy language.

Paperback: 170 pages