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by Steven Z. Leder

More Money Than God explores how money affects our families, friends, work, loves, ethics, and feelings of self-worth. Where does money lust come from? How do you teach your children the value of money and giving? What do you do when money is tearing apart your marriage or relationship? How do you deal with losing money through death, divorce, or job loss?

More Money Than God will show you how to balance your life as carefully as your bank account. Readers will learn why money and spirituality are not mutually exclusive and, as many unscrupulous company heads are discovering, why you must conduct your business affairs as if God were the ultimate CEO. With the guidance of this book, readers will learn: * How to keep money from being a focal point. * How to understand the difference between wants and needs * What kind of moral code to live by while seeking the comfort that money brings * How to teach children well, not wealth * How much is too much

Hardcover: 250 pages