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by Osi Ogbu

The moon also sets is a book about women written by a man. It gives an interesting perspective of the conflict between traditional expectations and modernity.

The book details the experiences of a widow and her daughter in a typical African village and her daughter's experience when she finally gets admitted into a university.

Despite her trials and tribulations, the widow has to take care of her children and sees the education of her children as paramount. She spares no effort in trying to get her daughter into the university as she considers education to be her daughter's passport to a better future than the role society was trying to consign to her.

It is interesting, captivating, and a page turner you would not want to put down and you want to root for the widow and her daughter as they try to surmount all obstacles.

I would recommend this book for any african literature class because it deals with so many more issues than I have written above e.g. the role of the church in the african society, the osu(outcaste) issue and other ancient traditions.

I could not put this book down... ...ceydon

Paperback: 308 pages