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Artist: Abdel Ali Slimani

Rai music is what you might call "Algerian pop music." A mixture of traditional North African rhythms with the smooth, studio-bred nature of Western music (as well as a plethora of ethnic, rock and electronica influences), the style has gained a great deal of attention from the nation's youth. Lyrically, love and sexuality are the prime themes of the music - something that has drawn fire from conservative members of Algerian society. On his album MRAYA, Rai artist Abdel Ali Slimani showcases his brand of contemporary music of the region, as well as his intoxicating singing voice. Enlisting the help of frequent collaborator Jah Wobble as well as singers Sinead O'Connor and Natacha Atlas on a pair of tracks, Slimani has created an album of relentless danceable rhythms, exotic instrumentation and enchanting vocals